Ghost Sonata by Nikulina-Helena

Fairy Dance by Hans Zatzka.

Sankrus by marat-arslanov

"ブラック★ロックシューター" by Dxy
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via Sogno e Fantasia

by Brian Froud.

Astrological Symbol:

Rules- Divination, Dreams, Intuition, Perception, Victory, Mercy, Liberation, Change, Inspiration, Affiliation, Friends, Creativity, and Compassion.
Neptune was named for the roman god of the sea, and it’s providence is the oceanic depth of the imagination, dreams and spiritual visions. Our nightly dreams can be a portal through which we find meaning in life. And dreams, as well as the visions of waking life, can be expressed through art, dance, movies, music, etc., reflecting back to us a vision of that inner world. Neptune is a bridge to the mysterious, and the knowledge many of us have, that we’re all somehow linked. It’s like the other slow moving planets, guiding each generation toward its collective spiritual destiny.The invocation of Neptune shows areas of life that could bring up confusion since it’s hard to discern reality from illusion. Neptune allows us to part the curtains obscuring our view and help guide us to the landscape of imagination through creativity. Neptune may even help us see where we might find spiritual meaning in our lives.
Gods - Neptune, Triton, Poseidon, Aegir, Nun, Sobek, HephaestusGoddesses - Nike, Nammu, Ix Chel, Maat, Sedna, The Muses, IshtarDetriment - Drifting from Reality, Absent Mindedness, Carelessness, Stubbourness, Chaos, and Confusion.Element - WaterDay of the Week - ThursdayNumber - 8, 12Zodiac - PiscesColor - Purple, Blue, WhiteMetal - Iron, BronzeMagical Tool - CauldronCrystals - Sapphire, Amethyst, Coral, Jade, Aquamarine, Beryl, Ivory Oils & Herbs - Lilac, Clove, Sage, Violet, Lily, Carnation, Heliotrope, Poppy, Nutmeg Plants - Seaweed, Algae, Moss, Sea anemone, Cowbane, Parsley, FernsTree - BirchTarot Card - The Emperor

Moonrise Fortress – fantasy landscape by Form Language, a Canadian art studio